Tyler, The Creator's UK ban (or why David Cameron should choke on dicks)

Theresa May and David Cameron are massive cunts. They’re massive cunts who deserve to climb a gigantic wall of dicks whilst having more dicks crammed down their throats. This should happen until they are so full of dicks that it takes Slavoj Žižek ten years of deep thought to decide whether or not the amount of dicks inside them means that they are now more dick than cunt. This could be for numerous reasons, but this time it’s because they’ve decided Tyler, The Creator is a terrorist threat to the UK and have banned him from the country for five years.

The reasons for this are that his music “encourages violence and intolerance of homosexuality” and “fosters hatred with views that seek to provoke others to terrorist acts”.


The lyrics in question come from Bastard and Goblin, two albums that were released six and four years ago. They were written when Tyler wasn’t even 18. Do you know what David Cameron was doing when he was 18 and at the Bullingdon Club at University? He was part of an organisation that advocated hanging Nelson Mandela. He later went on a free trip to stay in apartheid South Africa and act like crown prince of the fucking racists.

This time gap alone should be enough to allow him to play (worse fucking people are allowed to ply their trade here every day), but they were never meant to be taken literally. Tyler has always been a satirist. He’s always taken things to the extreme to ridicule the way things are. He takes raps viciousness and problematic elements to their logcal ends to show how fucked up the industry became, largely because of the white control and fetishisation of black culture.

He raps about drugs and drink all the time when he’s fucking teetotal for fucks sake. Some basic research on their part would have fucking solved this.

Odd Future has also always been an inclusive space. The group was the home of the two most prominent (and first famous) gay and lesbian hip-hop artists in the world; Frank Ocean and Syd Tha Kid. When asked about Frank coming out, all Tyler said as a response was a joke about him being different from the rest only because he didn’t like pop tarts. Syd said that Tyler never made her felt any different from the group for being a woman or a lesbian, and that it was he who just assimilated her into the group when she started making beats for them.

On that front Odd Future is far more inclusive than the Tory government. The Tory equality minister, Caroline Dinenage, voted against gay marriage. She is also a massive cunt who deserves to choke on flaccid dicks. The Tory cabinet is also incredibly male, with less than a third of the MPs being women.

This whole fucking thing is laughable. It’s ironic because Dismaland is in the news, meaning people are very used to the idea that art can be dark and shocking. It’s ironic because Straight Outta Compton is making hundreds of millions of dollars, so people are very comfortable with the idea that rap music has been persecuted by the government and police. It’s ironic because Jeremy fucking Clarkson is in the news for getting a £160m deal at Amazon.

It’s okay though, Jeremy and Dave are pals. Plus Jeremy’s white.

In the last few years Tyler has developed into a supremely talented and nuanced artist, creating varied and elegant albums with coherent story lines and a vast array of characters. This intelligence and craft is what he devotes his time to now. He outgrew his vulgar lyricism years ago. Lots of it was problematic, but it wasn’t without reason; and even if he did rap like that still it shouldn’t matter. This is ridiculous censorship, and the most cursory browse of his Twitter would prove that he is an incredibly positive and encouraging person who would never think of promoting anything that he used to write about.

This is just the latest in a long string of market and government attempts to suppress challenging music, more often than not by black musicians. Form 696, Acid House, N.W.A., Cop Killer, Black Bastards, The Sex Pistols, Krass; the list goes on and on. It goes on so much that I was able to write a 10,000 word dissertation on it, so if this felt like garbled angry nonsense (which it is), just ask and I’ll send you something with lots of referencing and the word 'thus' in it.

Tyler, I’m sorry. You are brilliant and we do not deserve you. I really hope I get to see you live again, but I wouldn’t hold it against you if you decide not to come back.