Meet gnarly Parisian trio Dusty Mush

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From the suburbs of Paris there's a loud, unforgiving noise. It's called Dusty Mush, and they're quickly becoming one of Bad Luck's favourite bands. Having just released their new record Cheap Entertainment, the band are moving onwards and upwards and bringing a little mosh pit with them everywhere they step foot. We caught up with Dusty Mush for a quick chat.

Hi Dusty Mush. What’s the story behind the band?

It started during summer 2011 in Melun (suburbs of Paris, France). We were fighting with boredom in Max's attic when it was raining or too hot outside to skate, so we came with the idea of trying to play some songs that I wrote alone in my room. Romain already had a bass and Max was down to learn the drums so it sounded like fun.

We bought the cheapest second hand drum kit we could find and started experimenting with playing and recording in Max's attic because none of us had ever played in a band or had any knowledges in sound engineering.

What drives you to write music?

Mostly the energy. I feel like there are different kinds of ways to reach different kinds of energy and I like to explore this. It could be a 30 seconds in-your-face song as well as a 6 minute-long psych jam and everything in between.

Sometimes I can write a song from a drum beat I've got in my mind, sometimes the sound of a guitar effect, or a weird tape glitch... It could be anything. It's kind of a random process. I can't take an acoustic guitar and write a song, though.

How’s your local scene?

The French scene is very effervescent at the moment. There are tons of great bands, and it seems like each band has got their own thing which is pretty cool. It's a very wide spectrum, that goes from garage pop with bands like Volage or Anna to heavier bands like Kaviar Special or J.C. Satàn.

It's also because of the great work provided by french record labels such as Howlin' Banana Records, Frantic City Records, Retard Records, Azbin Records... and the list goes on. The scene wouldn't be the same without these people, it's great support!

You’ve just released your record Cheap Entertainment. Congratulations, it plays well on the Bad Luck turntable. How did you celebrate?

Cool! We worked hard on this one as we did everything except the mastering and we encountered a lot of technical difficulties. We tried recording on 3 different tape recorders as they broke down one after another, blew my guitar amp a few times, got a lot of cables cut in half by my rabbit... It was a tough one as I'm not used to recording a song over a few months. Usually it's a two or three day affair.

We celebrated it by starting the recording of the next album. Hopefully this one won't be 3 years in the making!

Give us a quick song by song guide through the record.

Not Wild: Relax, be calm and quiet or the Not Wild Police will have to come and get you.

I Ate Your Dog: No animals were harmed in the making of this song.

Hot Tomato: Beware of the hot tomato when your pizza is just out of the oven.

Couch Potato: An ode to laziness.

More & More: It's never enough, but is it worth the effort?

Ugly Buddies: Romain has some serious faceswap skills.

Johnny Cactus: He's almost as bad-ass as Colonel Hobo and Brad Cruise.

Bad Ideas: Told you!

Fullpipe: Believe me, he rides a lot of fullpipes.

Cold Sand: Snowy beach.

What bad ideas were behind Bad Ideas and who is Johnny Cactus?

That one last skate trick before you go and you roll your ankle, that one last drink, pretty much anything you already knew was a bad idea but did it anyway.

Johnny Cactus is the man. Nobody knows who he really is but The Attic Video will reveal it soon.

What exciting plans have you got for the near future?

The Attic Video will release all the 10 music videos of Cheap Entertainment on a very limited edition VHS. Then this summer we'll record our next album, in Melun, where we used to live, where the good vibes are.

Vinyl or cassette?

I like both, a well done cassette is very enjoyable.

Pizza or burrito?

G Bros. Pizza in Bristol and Renine Pizza in Vincennes.

Beer or spirits?


Check out Bad Ideas by Dusty Mush below. You can pick up Cheap Entertainment viaStolen Body Records and find the band on Facebook here.