Review... Mac DeMarco's tiny London show

Scheduled to play to 10,000 people in May in London, Mac took a step back to play a more than intimate show to a lucky 350 folks (if that) at Holloway Road's Nambucca last night. "I hate doing press stuff, so to play a show is making up for it," Mac tells the excited loud crowd. The intimate setting is a reminder of how spectacular DeMarco's songwriting is. Accompanied by burps, hysterical laughing and swigs of tequila, the 26 year old played through some "new, old and not so old" tracks. His entrance to the stage was met with adorned screams and multiple people shouting "I love you." Mac wasn't the only one getting bombarded with love as Kiera, his muse and girlfriend got greeted with cheers and a chant started for his mum, Agnes.

He rattles through over an hours worth of songs, with the crowd belting the "la la las" of Salad Days, embracing total strangers for The Way You'd Love Her and singing the absent guitar parts of Ode to Viceroy. Cigarettes are littered across the stage by DeMarco's feet, punters front row give the man cheers with their beers and at one point two fans find themselves hugging DeMarco onstage, prompting a full on stage invasion which just led to awkwardness when the singer tries to get them off, having to block selfies in the process.

The night is the perfect level of love and respect, a perfect combination for Mac's loveable songs and personality. The sweet set ends with Still Together, to which he instructs the now rowdy crowd to "breath it in, don't laugh or scream, just fucking breath it in," before hitting the high pitched chorus. He drops his guitar as the crowd continues to sing, leaps into the crowd, crowd surfs to the bar and back before returning to the stage for a mic drop, reminding London that Mac is back in town.

Mac's new record This Old Dog is out May 5th via Captured Tracks.