Introducing... Thomas Cohen


Former frontman of London based post punk outfit S.C.U.M Thomas Cohen returns with a debut album that sees him explore his personal grief and confront his deepest pains. Aged just 25, Cohen found himself widowed and the father of two young children after his wife Peaches Geldof died from a drug overdose. Most people experiencing such trauma would be left teetering on an emotional edge, Cohen however transforms his darkest moments into a beautifully crafted debut album entitled ‘Bloom Forever’ .  Recorded in Reykjavik, this cathartic exploration of grief, loss and finally acceptance is strangely beautiful.  Cohen avoids the darkly oppressive route many songwriters would have followed preferring to craft relaxed arrangements with bluesy and languid tones, reminiscent of Neil Young at times. These  arrangements provide the perfect vehicle for his gently lamenting lyrics which deal with his young wife’s death.

The arrangements are at times dream like and hazy with interludes which foray into jazz and blues but the lyrics remain simplistically heartfelt throughout as in  ‘Country Home’ where he sings “ My love had gone, she’d turned so cold/Why weren’t her eyes covered and closed?”.

Cohen sings with an emotional honesty, which though deeply biographical resonates with anybody who has experienced the loss of somebody they’ve loved.  For an artist to release their debut album  under such tragic  circumstances is a feat in its own right, but to create something beautiful out of the experience is incredibly laudable. Cohen writes music which is warm, inviting and above all life/ love affirming, there is still hope in his world and his music is a testament to this.

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