Introducing... Stephen Steinbrink


Stephen Steinbrink has a pretty huge catalogue of music. After ten years of touring and secluded home recording, Steinbrink has several albums of melodic minimal pop and now the songs on Anagrams, his latest full length release, are beautifully raw portraits of addiction and mental illness creating a record that's more about the journey rather than the destination.

"Lately, writing songs almost makes me feel like I'm losing it," Steinbrink says, "I keep digging up and re-burying the same old bone. I tried to continue unpacking these forgotten images and memories, except this time without placing any subjective meaning on them, or any expectation of personal growth to occur after. Maybe it's silly to expect the process of making art to be a clarifying act."

Whilst not following his heavy tour schedule, Steinbrink spent his stationary moments writing in California, Arizona and Washington. Anagrams finds him polishing off his extensive work of self-engineered experiments of subdued, heartbreaking pop in a studio over a two year process. It's a record of identity and meaning, a broader statement from the songwriter.