Introducing... Reykjavíkurdætur


Reykjavíkurdætur might not be the easiest band name to say if you're not Icelandic, but they are a group of artists that you need to listen to as soon as possible. Honestly. Reykjavíkurdætur, meaning "the daughters of Reykjavik" are a 17-strong rap-collective performing solo, in a duo, trio or a larger group. They take on local politics and sexual violence with their lyrics that are accompanied by a heavy beat and occasional guitar. The collective kicked off in July 2013 when founding members Kolfinna Nikulásdóttir and Blær Jóhannsdóttir decided to host a woman's rap night at a local bar in Reykjavik. From early on the rappers frequenting the woman's night were kicking back at male-dominating Icelandic hip-hop scene. Now, with 17 members, Reykjavíkurdætur have a sound that is impossible to pin down as it varies with each girl that takes to the mic.

They are powerful and promising, and yet another group of artists proving how rich Iceland's scene is. Check out Hæpið below.