Introducing... Dinosaurs


San Francisco has given birth to some of the finest bands from Thee Oh Sees and Dead Kennedys to Journey (the latter maybe not quite falling under the term 'finest bands') and now the city is brewing a new sound... A ferocious, loud and unforgiving sound. I am talking about Dinosaurs and I insist that you stop whatever you're doing to listen to the four piece. Formed of brothers and a friend, Dinosaurs are making their own distinctive mark on the city and no doubt will soon be making their mark on your turntable. Having recently released their new album Human Condition we had a chat to the guys to find out what's up.

Hi Dinosaurs, how's it going?

Everything is going well! We've been playing lot of good shows in the bay area and southern California lately and the response to our new album Human Condition has been really strong.

You've been keeping shows fairly local at the moment. When do you begin to take on the USA, Europe and the world?

We're planning a West Coast tour this summer and heading into the southwest of the USA a bit.  Touring Europe soon is the goal but at the moment we currently don't have a set amount of dates!

You've mentioned that you're evolving as a band. How does a band evolve?

The more shows you play together and the more days you put in at practice gets you more comfortable as a band. Just being familiar with what everyone is kinda feeling and letting the songwriting process become a little more natural. I guess you could say it's maturing immaturely!

I read that you practice in a former porn warehouse... Have you kept that vibe or made it a little more rock and roll?

Yeah, the current place we rehearse used to be used to shoot porn... I think it was webcam stuff or something. All of the rooms are crazy colours! Ours is pink at the moment.  The building manager tells us that when they first acquired the building they were cleaning it out and he opened a closet and was hit by a wave of dildos.

You've just released an album, Human Condition, on Astro Lizard Records. What's next for Dinosaurs?

We are currently writing songs for a new release on Astro Lizard Records.  At this point it's most likely going to be an EP but depending on how much we can get done before we record, it could turn into a full album.  We are finishing our second music video for Haunted, a track from Human Condition so keep an eye and an ear out for that!

You can find Dinosaurs on Facebook here and make sure you check out the video for Slushee.