Introducing... Cullen Omor


A wave of synths, summer-time guitars and psychadelic vocals are the first thing that hit you when listening to the opening track of Cullen Omori's debut album New Misery. This is Omori's solo project as supposed to fronting Smith Westerns and it's without a doubt a huge release for the summer and pushing guitar music to new possibilities. The Chicago native draws sounds inspired by 60s psychedelia with a modern twist, hot on the heels of Kevin Parker. The hazy sun soaked vibes comes from Omori's unmistakable romantic melodies and dream-like synths, displaying his developed and perfected pop sound but not letting go of the grassroots youthfulness and joy. The hooks will get caught in your head making you want to let your hair down and run barefoot in the grass, but if that's not an option, stay put and turn it up loud.