Introducing... Broen


Whenever you talk about a new artist, you usually get asked “who do they sound like?” Well, when talking about Norwegian band Broen, it’s hard to think of anyone else you could compare them to. Moving from genre to genre like a playlist on shuffle, Broen’s lack of identification with one singular form of music, is what forms their unique sound. People often throw around the term ‘genre hopping’ when describing music, but it’d be a wild understatement to use that phrase when describing them. With so many bands restricted by 'the style of their genre', it's refreshing to see someone make music with an absolute disregard for the rules. This attitude and approach to songwriting is perfectly showcased in their latest release No, My God. The song morphs it self from vivid ‘video game-esque synth pop’ into a perfectly placed and performed rap breakdown. Broen are taking a whole plethora of different genres and approaches to music, yet making them somehow work together in a uniform way. Creating music where you genuinely have no idea what will be 'lying around the corner'.

Their EP Yoga is released on May 6th.