Introducing... Amber Arcades


Yes! It's our week dedicated entirely to new music. Dedicated to sharing the best music you probably have never heard, unless you're ahead of us in the game... Get familiar with Annelotte de Graaf, also known as Amber Arcades. Drawing influence from curiosity and even the mundane, Amber Arcades fuse fuzzy lo-fi with warmth from hazy guitars and beats. The tale of her signing to Heavenly is sweet, letting people share her Utrecht squat creating friendships which later ended up getting the Heavenly deal, and on top of creating dream-like summary songs De Graaf has worked as a legal aide on UN war crime tribunals and currently works in human rights law with people leaving Syria. Saving up her life time savings, she bought flights to New York City because that's where she wanted to record her debut record. The record then became a collaboration produced Ben Greenberg (Beach Fossils) with band mates Shane Butler and Keven Lareau of Quilt and Jackson Pollis of Real Estate. Impressive, right?

Check out Right Now below.