a quick catch up with... BEAU

Beau are fastly becoming a band that are well known within the folk scene having been compared lyrically to the likes of Stevie Nicks. Hailing from New York City, there's something raw about Beau which is a sound that has been developed over the years from growing up listening to a variety of different genres. They recently released a single titled Karma which was accompanied by a psychedicilic video taking the viewer through the city they love and orignate from and since we heard the track we quickly fell for Beau. Hello Beau! From where in the world are you answering these questions?

New York City!

You’ve been compared, vocally, to Stevie Nicks before. Do you take pride in that?

Stevie Nicks is actually one of my biggest inspirations so that is something I'm definitely proud of.

There’s something very raw and natural about your sound, how did this style come around?

It developed through growing up listening to a variety of music. Our music is true to who we are.

You’ve just released a video for your track ‘Karma’. What’s the best karma moment you’ve witnessed?

We do feel connected to the general morals such as "good things happen to people who do good things" & "bad things happen to those who do bad things". One time I did borrow my best friends favorite dress, fell in love with it and didn't give it back and then I lost it. This made me feel like karma was speaking to me. Always give things back!

You are from New York. Does being from New York influence your writing?

New York influences our writing tremendously. I think that it just adds a certain spice to our writing that we may find hard to explore if we lived elsewhere. The fast pace, the hot summers, the secret gardens, multifaceted people, the culture and the history, it's all in our writing only through the hearts of two New York gals.

In your bio on Facebook you wrote “They say best friends don't work well together but we say "Hell are we lucky”.” What is it that makes you work so well together?

The reasons are endless but there are probably 3 strong reasons.  One Is how well we know one another. Knowing your partner is like doing family, business, friendship and music at the same time. We both are extreme opposites in one sense and at the same time are almost the same person. We are like Ying and Yang and so we balance each other out. The other important reason is that we aren't afraid to be honest with each other. When you can be honest with your partner you can pretty much get through anything. The other very important reason is we respect one another. Without respect we would be fighting all the time. All of this took time so it was a blessing we met so early on.

Tell us a little bit about the future for Beau…

The future!! We know we will be in Europe plenty these next few months. We are off to Tokyo in about 3 weeks! That will be our first time going there and we are playing in a temple. Once we release our album in March it's basically GO-TIME. We hope to be playing as many festivals and shows as possible. We will be playing music the whole way. Keeping our fingers crossed for the album release hoping to have a positive impact on everyone. Keep on writing music, playing with other musicians exploring all possibilities.

And finally, what are you most looking forward to in the next few months?

We are most looking forward to how the world responds to our album!

Watch Beau's video for Karma below.