BL Premiere: Captain Suun share Sound of the Sky

Photo by Greg Jackson

Photo by Greg Jackson

Where we are the sun is coming down hard this weekend, and we have a special something just for it. Fresh off dates with Thee MVPs and before hitting the road playing with Levitation Room and at Astral Festival, Captain Suun have shared their brand new single Sound of the Sky. With a new line up and fresh faces, the band have made their return with this summery and surf infused track. The single was recorded at Hermitage Works with the master Margo Broom (Fat White Family, Phobophobes, Meatraffle) and has been put out by Bad Luck Records, a sub-label from your favourite magazine.

“The sun swelters. The sand scorches. A lone rider dares to disturb this barren desert. His horse grows thirsty, and his mind exhausted, but he stays focused, determined. He eyes cacti with caution from beneath a wide-brimmed hat.

Silence engulfs his ears. Desolation beckons sleep. Vultures await. But he’s come too far to let mere exhaustion be his end. He whistles a tune of defiance against this barren gold land. The melody is his will to venture onwards. It is his respite from madness.

It is, of course, The Sound of the Sky by Captain Süün.”

Keep up to date with Captain Suun here and see them live at the dates below.


14th - The Lanes, Bristol (Single Launch Show)


2nd - Chameleon, Nottingham w/Levitation Room

3rd - Moth Club, London w/Levitation Room

5th - Astral Festival


3rd - Bassment, Chelmsford