BL Premiere: Listen to Gork's "Spoons"


When I first heard the name ‘GORK’ around the water cooler, I assumed it was some sort of cool youth term for the Secretary of State David Gauke. I was pretty confused as to why people were talking about Gauke being ‘one of the best new bands in Bristol’, but I’m not always totally in the loop about politics, so I thought I had better just go along with it.

Yeah, I said, David is so great.

It wasn’t until months later that I discovered my mistake. As it turns out, those trendy young water buffalo were right. GORK really ARE one of the best new bands in Bristol. David Gauke has absolutely nothing to do with it. Recently, whilst submerged in a gout-induced dream state deep in the bowels of the HMS Thekla, I stumbled upon their astonishing live performance. The penny dropped. I was instantly transfixed by their haywire theatrics and erratic song structures, and how they managed to employ these volatile elements alongside fairly traditional songwriting sensibilities. They were astounding, outlandish, infectious.

By gum, I thought, these boys aren’t half bad.

Spoons, their latest offering, features all of their trademarks in spades. It’s a pop song in essence, one filled with jagged guitar riffs, off-kilter melodies and a surreal vein of lyrical humour. Juxtaposing memories of a misspent youth with the existential absurdities of modern adulthood, the narrative becomes ever more unhinged throughout the song, as stabs of saxophone accentuate the neurotic lyricism. Infatuated, inspired and in awe, I recently reached out to Gork to talk to them about the song. Taking a leaf out of their book, I opted for a quick game of word association:






Pets at Home




Hot Soil






What’s a Tarpaulin?

Spoons is out on March 9th 2019 via Breakfast Records. Have a little looky and a listen right here: