Glastonbury Festival with Starcrawler

Earlier this year I was gifted a Metallica rain mac that was the envy of all the metal heads I know. The details on how the conversation came to be are a little hazy, but my good friend Austin Smith, drummer of the awesome Starcrawler, from Los Angeles 8,000 miles away convinced me he was King of all the Metallica fans and I made a pact with him that night that if I gave him the coat, the coat that people pawed and clawed at as it kept me dry in London’s persistent monsoon, he would get me into Glastonbury for which the band had just been confirmed that day. 

It was written in the Stars..

June came around and with a very last minute logistical headache which involved amongst other things having to get from London to Leeds to join the band, so that I could insure safe passage with them into the other worldly dimension that is The Glastonbury Festival, smuggling in a real life front line medic and her defibrillator and getting to know Austin’s Mother via DM’s. 

You’ll be relieved to hear the pact was kept and Austin is warm, dry and metal forever more.

Here are some photos I took on this mad little escapade that I’m sharing in celebration of their new album ‘Devour You’ which is out today and can be found in all the usual places. 

Thank you a thousand times Austin, Arrow, Henry, Tim, Camille, Gilbert, Sal and Lisa for the wild time!

Photos and words by Lilly Creightmore.

Explore Lilly’s work on her site here. Starcrawler’s new record Devour You is out now. You can pick it up in your local record store.