It's time to welcome back King Tuff

It's been a quiet time since we've heard anything from King Tuff, but the silent spell is now over with his new single The Other. It's King Tuff, for sure, but it's not like the King Tuff we used to know.

The time was essential for King Tuff, “I didn’t even know what I wanted to do anymore,” says Kyle Thomas, the real name behind the moniker. “But I still had this urge-this feeling-like there was this possibility of something else I could be doing… and then I just followed that possibility. To me, that’s what songwriting, and art in general, is about.”

The Other is the first single since 2014's Black Moon Smell and it's got a whole different vibe to it. There's a sense of despair, tugging at you and weighting on your shoulder, and the fuzz and rock and roll is striped back. There's a new form of clear story telling, an open and fragile approach, and it's like a new hair cut for Thomas. Welcome back.