BL PREMIERE: Al Lover shares Hubris in Real Time

AL-180127-Web-51 copy.jpg

Bad Luck Magazine are extremely delighted to share the new Al Lover single Hubris in Real Time.

The producer has spent the last several years evolving a unique approach to psychedelic and experimental electronic music. He’s broken down what some might say is Trip Hop and uses a mix of samples, drum machines, live instrumentations, analog synthesisers and effect processing to draw out elements from the past and connect them to the future.

The past has seen Al Lover mix the likes of Oh Sees and Night Beats, which has led to the artist producing his new exploration of synth kraut, dark ambient and trap, Existential Everything.

The producer recorded sporadically between 2016 and 2018 while away from his own studio set up. Existential Everything continues a thread of colourful but meditative inner journeys, what Lover refers to as “music to be introspective in public to.”

Hubris in Real Time is far from the norm, a fresh and unique approach by Al Lover on the current psych genre. Hubris in Real Time is complex and thought out. The elements of trap and hip hop are evident, but the surrealness and unique quirks that Lover produces are what really makes the single stand out.

Pre order Al Lover’s forthcoming record via Stolen Body Records here. The record comes out 1st February 2019.