Bordeaux's Sideral Psych Fest shares first bands


You heard it here first when the good folk behind Sideral spilled the beans on the dates of next year’s festival. Now we are stoked to see they’ve announced a few of their first bands and topping it are none other than 60s psych influenced heavy weight Temples. Also announced is MaidaVale, New Candys, Kaviar Special and Odd Couple. This is just the start with more bands to be announced soon (we hope).

The festival takes place 14th-17th March 2019 at Salle Du Grand Parc, Bordeaux. Last year’s festival was one of Bad Luck’s favourite weekends of the year. Its rammed with new and incredible music, hosted by the best people and the fan have nothing but respect and love for rock and roll. They like to party too. Check out your flights and find a sofa to sleep on!

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