Alana Paterson


Alana Paterson is a photographer whose style is defined by natural light and an analogue process. From her first developed roll to now, Alana has been capturing her friends, farm life and surrounding landscapes when not working commissions from Brixton, Poler Stuff and various other brands. We caught up with Alana for a little chat about her work.

In a constantly changing world where technology is getting better and better by the day, what is it about analogue that keeps you shooting it?

It's a whole mess of things, but one is the choices you have have to make. It forces you to slow down. Also, when you look at good exposures on film it's almost like you can reach in and touch it, you know? It's not a static image

When you’re not shooting you work on a farm. Does farm life influence your photography? 

Hm... Yes, I suppose it does, but more in a round about way... Like a break from photography that influences my work positively. Some nice breathing room and time to think.

Natural light is a theme in your work. Are you inspired by nature?

Well, of course!

Your commercial work often is similar to your personal work, but do you find that you have to be in a different mind set when working with clients?

Yeah, I have to be "on". I have to be on the ball. It's work!

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Do you remember the first roll of film you developed?

Yes, roll of my friend Andrew Marchand-body doing ollies over the hip the the old Esquimalt Skatepark [Victoria, British Colombia].

After shooting on film for a while, what’s your film of choice? 

Kodak Portra 400.

How do you overcome obstacles and problems within photography?

Stick it out! Think hard, take a break or don't think at all. There's different solutions for different problems really.

You’ve got thirty seconds to get out your house. What do you take?

Laptop, hard drive, passport and dog.


Check out more of Alana's work on her site here and follow her on Instagram.