a quick catch up with... PINS

It's without a doubt that PINS are one of the most exciting bands coming out of Manchester now. We caught them in Cambridge recently and we left loving the band even more than we did before the show. Earlier this year the band released Wild Nights, their promising second LP and their fan base is growing daily. The band have played with the likes of Warpaint, The Fall and The Growlers meaning they're no stranger to putting on good show. We caught up with Faith and Lois for a quick chat... Hi PINS! Where are you answering our questions from today?

Faith: Manchester! We played Edinburgh last night and are playing Birmingham tomorrow so we had a day at home inbetween.

You're on a UK run at the moment. Are you looking foward to playing to new crowds and are you visiting any new cities?

Faith: Yeah, it was our first time in Cambridge! So far all the shows have been full, hot and sweaty. I'm excited to play London, lots of girls came to the last show we played there...

You self-produced your debut album, Girls Like Us, which was released in 2013. Do you think that self-producing your debut record helped you find your sound?

Faith: We always intended to produce our debut, it made us really focus on the recording process. I don't know if it helped us find our sound because the sound is something I feel is always changing.

Lois: I think there's some truth in that, we wanted to keep more control ourselves at that point as we were still figuring it all out, and maybe we needed to ground and establish ourselves before we were ready to work with someone else.  It's like a start point, and then from there you can develop different ideas and see where it goes.

Coming from Manchester, a city well known for it's rich musical history, who do you think we should be checking out at the moment? Could be a band, record store, cafe...

Faith: Our keyboard player, Kyoko, has a project called Kyogen, you should take a listen to that. I also think you should check out Peace and Love Barbershop Muhammad Ali.

Lois: Bernard and Edith are great, Pink Teens too, there's a new venue opening called The White Hotel which sounds like it's going to be very interesting.

You've already had a busy few years touring the UK and US. What are you most looking forward to in the future?

Faith: Starting album 3!

Lois: More touring, playing new songs live, and playing them in places I've never been to.

What'syourfavouritekaraoke song?

Faith: Maybe like, Baby I Love You or if I'm drunk then Jagged Little Pill.

Lois: Fever by Peggy Lee is my go to number, or sometimes House of the Rising Sun by The Animals.

And finally, if PINS was a movie, what movie would it be?

Faith: Thelma and Louise!

Lois: Deathproof.

Check out Young Girls by PINS below.