In converstation... Gengahr

Gengahr are, without a doubt, one of the most promising bands in the UK. In 2014, the London four piece made up of vocalist/guitarist Felix Bushe, guitarist John Victor, bassist Hugh Schulte and drummer Danny Ward released 'Powder' and since then have been signed to Transgressive Records (Foals, Alvvays, Two Door Cinema Club), toured the UK with some of the most exciting bands and have played major UK festivals, Glastonbury being one of them. It was soon time for the band to take the next step in their already blossoming career and with the release of their debut album, 'A Dream Outside', they've done just that. "It was a fairly painless experience [writing the album]," confesses Bushe. The band were touring a lot during the process. He cites coming home from touring and spending the time writing new material and if possible, the four of them would head down to Devon to record some songs.  "We never spent more than 3 or 4 days in the studio at any one time so it never got particularly grueling." Now that the album is out, Gengahr have been receiving a lot of praise for 'A Dream Outside'. The frontman describes the feeling of reading the reviews as better than they could imagine. "It's a great feeling to know that you yourself are proud of what you are doing and it just makes it that much better when other people are appreciating the effort you have put in." Gengahr aren't new to receiving a lot of attention, they were getting showered with it before the release of their album. "The past 12 months have been a real whirlwind to be honest. At times you have to pinch yourself and hope you don't wake up because we are really enjoying what we do so much at the moment." Bushe goes on to explain how at times it can feel overwhelming, but the only thing going through their minds at the time was to get the record released so people can hear it.

With the release of the album Gengahr will be doing their first headline tour around the UK in October and it includes a date at London's Scala. Despite being excited for the headline run, there is certainly a nerve-wrecking aspect to it. "I think it's a far more daunting prospect than even doing support tours," Bushe reveals. He compares it to playing support slots, "even when you play to big crowds, as a support artist there really isn't too much pressure." The band have already tackled venues as big as the O2 Arena in London with Alt J, to which Bushe talks about simply doing their best in hope that they gain some new fans at the end of the night. "I'm really looking forward to our own shows now though," he continues. "You get a real buzz from seeing and hearing the crowd know your songs and enjoy what you do."

This summer is another big one for the four piece. They are playing Latitude and Reading and Leeds, but this year they are armed with their debut LP and an even bigger fan base. "I love the traveling," Bushe says. "I think it's one of my favourite parts of being in a band." They head to Australia this year and Bushe explains that it's a place that he's always wanted to go to. Gengahr have already conquered this year's Glastonbury and speaking of it Bushe seems to light up. "Getting invited back to Glastonbury to play the John Peel stage is really special to all of us."

Gengahr are a breath of fresh air in the UK indie scene. They have developed a sound that is nothing short of unique and with so much support the band have got more than just their foot in the door. They are progressing at a rapid speed and will be taking over the airwaves, with the potential to become one of the UKs biggest bands. In the meantime, you can check out their video for 'Heroine' below, a single from their debut album 'A Dream Outside' which is out now.

by Nathan McLaren-Stewart