Memories and Dreams: A catch up with Creatures


Every year Brighton’s hippest put on their dancing shoes and hit the streets for an unforgettable weekend. The Great Escape is legendary in the city and surrounding areas for its amazing live music from the hottest bands on the scene with people coming in from across the nation to boogie right on the edge of the country. Creatures, the legendary Clapton Cowboys, created magic by playing four sets over the weekend in various venues. Unfortunately, due to the busy nature of the festival we weren’t able to sit down but we did get a catch up on email to hear all things about what the band thought of the weekend, who influences them and all about their newest EP.

You guys describe the band as Spaghetti Westerners and Clapton Cowboys, how would you describe your sound? 

We have 2 sounds really. The outright western desert riffs and the more upbeat melodic pop songs. Both are gelled together with William’s vocals and we always try and sneak a slide guitar in there if possible.

You had a busy weekend playing every day at TGE, how did you find the festival? Where was your favourite place to play?

We did 4 shows in total and it was really fun. We tried out different sets and soaked up the sunshine best we could. Jubilee Square was a cool show that everyone enjoyed. It was outside and the sound was big!

You've had a busy couple of years since your conception with many amazing tunes, which is your favourite to perform? 

I’m Too Sexy by Right Said Fred.

Off the back of that, what's your most memorable gig experience?

A nice show was at Elysee Monmartre in Paris supporting Temples. The venue was a stunning old dance hall with a hydraulic stage. Historically, Paris has always meant a lot us considering it’s where the band was conceived and where our first ever gig was. 

You guys released your debut EP "Runt of the Glitter" back in march, how has the response been?

Yeah really good. The idea of it’s release was to get some product out there that wasn’t just a single. We released singles in the past in order to go on tour and have some press so this was nice to have a bigger body of work to give away for people to get their teeth into.  

And the title track of your new single "Memories and Dreams" has beautiful doo-wop vibe, were any specific bands influencing you at the time of writing? 

Memories & Dreams is an old song that we wanted to bring to fruition for some time. It’s got a romantic message but with some very dark undertones, which is elegantly sung by William and Hannah Marsden. We actually stripped it back and our dear friend Richard Jones scored the string arrangement, which now makes up the main body of the song. It seemed more classic to do this.

In contrast your country-blues influences shine through on the B-Side "Father" with some beautiful lyrics, who writes the lyrics? Are they autobiographical?

The Father lyrics were written by our guitarist Will. He usually writes out lyrics in a poetry style fashion and we alter the melody’s or words to fit with the song. Some songs come complete with lyrics and other are a complete collaboration.

And after such a busy weekend, you're embarking on two tours close together! Where are you most looking forward to playing on your upcoming European tour with Sheepdog? 

The tour starts in Sweden, which we’ve never been to as a band so that will be nice. There’s some beautiful Germany dates and we’ve added some headline shows for when The Sheepdogs have a day off. One in particular in Heidelberg, Germany is a really beautiful part of the world. We love touring and are always looking to get out on the road so touring with The Sheepdogs will be a lot of fun. I mean have you seen their suits? They’re on point!

by Caitlin Setterfield