One Great Shot #2: The Americas


In today’s One Great Shot we speak to Holly Elizabeth, a music, portrait and fashion photographer based in Manchester, England.

“The photo was taken in Paris, as you can see, in April 2018 of Aaron from The Americas. I'd only met The Americas for a couple of hours at one of their shows in Leeds, two weeks later I found myself in their van driving to Paris. Over a year later and they're my brothers.

It was taken on my first film camera, an Olympus OM-10 with some cheap film, I was still learning to shoot with film back then, but when I got this roll developed I fell in love with these shots. They've got a time-less feel to them, simple but effective. To me the photo also shows influences of film photos throughout 50s-90s of icon musicians, something I am constantly trying to mirror in my own work as that's where I draw the most inspiration from.”

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