Bananagun: The Crusaders of the Sun


There’s a new groove coming from down under. The groove is at the forefront of their mind, and they go by the name Bananagun. Inspired by their sunny climate, Bananagun’s blend of jazz and tropical funk is quite unmatchable, but just what you might expect from a bunch of Aussie’s who are out there for a good time. Upon stumbling upon them we needed to know more about their mission, so we reached out for a chat.

Hey guys, how’s it going today?

Hello, we just got home from a festival so I'm having a lazy morning listening to stuff on YouTube.

What’s been on the table for breakfast today?

Some oats with a bunch of nuts n’ seeds, cacao powder, banana and honey to go. You've gotta get your nutrients wherever you can!

Give us a breakdown of the Bananagun story.

Well in a nutshell, I had a vague idea and I had my cousin Jimi and my partner at the time Stella on board, but everyone in a band in Melbourne plays in ten other bands so it just took a while to get a line up together. We just wrote stuff in that down time. A few people have come and gone now but we're still growing lots. We've got a nice family feel going on and it’s all heaps of fun and exciting.

You guys are described as “Crusaders of the sun”, does mother nature have an impact on your sound?

For sure! Mother nature is the boss really. Endless inspiration. When it’s winter I just wanna stay inside and be warm and experiment and play around with synths etc, when it’s summer I feel like playing congas and dancing more and socialising, ha! Autumn is kind of reflective and you can witness the process of the trees doing their thing and spring is when new things are born and it’s got that exciting feel when you go outside, it smells good.

There’s a real experimentation with the percussion in the music. Where do these ideas come from? 

Just spending time with different instruments and hearing a sound on a record and figuring out new techniques. Percussion is the most fun part. I suck at maths but theres a bit of maths with percussion, filling in the gaps and making a little noise before or after the beat that pulls the rhythm in a fun way.

This sort of jazz fusion to your sound, how much of that is calculated and how much is just coming from experimentation?

I'm not sure, it’s an accident. We all love jazz but don't know anything about it. I've learned heaps of jazzy chords just from listening to Bossa stuff but Jazz is another realm, I just appreciate it from afar. 

What’s the Bananagun message?

Just do your thing without feeling bad. Don't worry about the people who say you need more money, they aren't you. The best things in life are free. If you serve the universe, it will serve you. Getting to know yourself is the number one move.

Tell us a little bit about your home town. What do you get up to outside of music?

We all grew up in regional towns but we've all moved to Melbourne, so thats the Bananagun hometown. There is lots happening, maybe too much, but it’s inspiring. The city is hardcore but it’s the best place to be for a band starting out.  We've all got our own hobbies and bills to pay.

You’ve got us eager to hear more. Can we expect it soon?

Yeah, an album and another single later this year and many more to come hopefully!

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