Sideral: Bordeaux's underground psych fest

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One evening, after a few too many beers, I found that I had bought flights from Bristol to Bordeaux to attend the Sideral Bordeaux Psych Fest. I didn't know much about it, only that Charles Prat, one of the main dudes behind it, is a really fucking great guy. The line up came out and it was somewhat glorious. Featured over three days in two venues, one being a dingy and smokey basement cave called L'Astrodøme, was Sonic Jesus, Go!Zilla, Wooden Indian Burial Ground, Slift, 10,000 Russos, Dusty Mush and more. It was intense, and an unbelievable amount of fun. Now, after a few months have gone by, we caught up with Charles to chat about the festival.

Hi Charles! How’s it going? What’s for breakfast today?

Hi Nathan, I feel awesome like everyday! I'm fine haha. Coffee and a cigarette.

We caught your festival back in April in Bordeaux. Tell me how the idea to host the festival came around.

At the beginning I met Pierre-Alexis and Max during gigs I organised with Musique d'Aperitif or at l'Astrodome, the spot they are running in Bordeaux (ex St Ex). We've became friends and wanted to do something cool with bands we love together. One day I contacted Pierre-Alexis and Max from l'Astrodome because I had booked Sonic Jesus and I was looking for a spot matching with the psych vibes. With luck, they already had booked Astrodome. Pierre said "lets do a psych night?!" Two days later, we don't know why, all of us received proposals from bands we love. Everything was matching with the dates.

Is it a big team that’s working on it?

Not that many! At the head, Pierre-Alexis and Max from L'Astrodøme, Juan, Yves (the guy behind all the live videos) and me, from Musique d'Aperitif.

Why did you think there was a need for Bordeaux to have a festival for psychedelic music?

You know, it's like when you start to organise gigs in your home town, you wanna see bands that nobody invites to play. Here it's the same! We love the same kind of music so instead of starting a shitty war, we prefer to join our forces to make something better and with more love!

It had a really great intimate vibe to it. Would you want to keep it like this or would you like to expand in the future?

As I said just before, we just want to do something with spreading the love of the music.

Tell us about some of the challenges you faced.

The challenge I think is to keep people following all the Sideral stuff, and to attract curious people to our journey.

And what was, for you, the best part of it?

The best is to see only smiles on all the faces from the bands, the public and the staff.

The line up was great every night. Who’d be your dream band to play?

Mmmh, guess what?! A King Gizzard 4 hour set!

Now we’ve had 2018’s festival, have you started planning for next year?

Yes, you can already book your flight to Bordeaux for the next 14/15/16th of March.

Keep up to date with Sideral on their Facebook. You can also see all upcoming dates from  L'Astrodøme and Musique d'Aperitif