The sound of the summer sun: get to know Baywaves


If you like hot weather and being lost in the grooves there's a very high chance Baywaves are gonna be for you. The band, who reside in Madrid, have the perfect cocktail of psychedelic and pop sounds and constantly seem to be evolving in their own genre of "hipnopop." We caught Baywaves on halloween last year and had a grand time, it really was a hell of a party. After having them on repeat to get us through the cold dark winter, we thought we would catch up with them and see what they've been up to in these short days.

Hola Baywaves! How’s it going?

Hola! It’s going really great. We just finished our second EP after almost five months of recording and mixing, sending emails and receiving mixes and sending emails again, so we are happy and relieved. We’re now getting ready to fly to Austin to attend SXSW and putting the finishing touches on the release of the EP.

How’s your winter been?

Cold but nice! It’s actually snowing in Madrid right now, which is very rare here. We were supposed to go the studio in the north of Spain last weekend and we couldn’t do it because of the snow. 

You’re from Madrid. How’s the support for your music in Madrid?

I think there’s a huge gap between our generation and the previous ones. When indie music started to be profitable in Spain about 20 years ago, all media, festivals, etc, really embraced that scene, so they kind of created an endogamic, elitist scene where just a few old ass bands had access to magazine covers, headline slots in festivals, plays on radio… It was easier to cash out with the 10-same-bands-everyone-already-knows than creating an environment where new bands could develop from the bottom. So every band and music-lover from our generation has been at one point like, “where do we belong?”. Good thing is the Internet flourished and a lot of bands that felt the same way started to come together and started to get noticed. It’s been a very organic and slow process but we think it’s becoming a real thing now, with more and more young bands appearing and bringing a much needed freshness in the scene. So now all that industry is looking at us like, “fuck, we were missing something!”.

Where’s the best spots for live music and supporting the independent scene in Madrid?

Something we don’t like about Madrid is that there is not any venue or space where you can go and always find something interesting to see, but there are a lot of promoters and collectives putting on great shows and parties all around Madrid: Post Club, Mad Girls, Possible Others, Chica, La Fosa Común, FAVX with their Block Partys… 3/4 of Baywaves actually have our own collective, Suave, and we’ve put on shows in Spain for bands like Horsey, Homeshake, Idiot Glee, Nathy Peluso and Sulky Boy, among others.

You guys call yourself “Hipnopop”. How would you describe hipnopop?

We invented that tag to define our mixed interest on both cheerful pop songs and exploring new sounds and sound-making machines. A hipnopop song is a radiant song dressed with ethereal and suggestive sonorities: spacey synths, smooth guitars and moving-your-hips-along rhythms.

Your sound incorporates indie pop with a bit of a psych twist. Where does this come from?

As I was saying before, the old Spanish scene didn’t really give us bands to admire or to follow. Our teen musical background comes mainly from the UK and American culture and we grew up while The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys and that kind of bands were succeeding, so probably the indie-poppy, rhythmic thing in our music comes from that. But everyone of us has always been curious trying to find new music and being in a band and travelling has broadened our references, so right now our sound come from a lot of different places we don’t even know.

We caught you in Bristol on Halloween. It was a super fun show with great energy. Is that what Baywaves are about?

Oh! Then you caught us at our favourite gig of the entire EU tour, haha. The crowd was crazy there, mostly young people and the Halloween atmosphere made all the people enjoy it even more. There were people throwing beer everywhere (our pedals and stuff included), and we were really happy that the last night of the tour was that good. We came back home with a really big smile on our faces. 

How was your experience on that EU tour? Any highlights?

I think every show was somehow special in some way. First night in Donosti was great: Dabadaba is probably our favourite venue in Spain, and after the show we ended up djing b2b with friends, it was quite fun. Mirrors Festival at Moth Club was a great one too: we were playing at the same time as Los Campesinos so we didn’t expect anyone to be there, but as soon as we started there was a lot of people going crazy dancing in the first rows. 

On the non show related side, on the tour we where joined by Daniel Treviño, long time friend and frontman of FAVX and he’s surely the best companion we can have on tour. He’s the one that showed us our favourite English thing so far: Weatherspoon’s breakfast. So Dani, if you are reading this, every moment with you was a highlight!

Tell us… what’s your beer of choice?

David: Voll Damm Doble Malta

Carlos: Estrella Galicia

Fran: Indian Pale Ale

Marco: I’m the one who doesn’t enjoy beer!

Any plans for 2018?

We are putting our best efforts in writing and producing a good LP. That’s our goal right now. In the meantime, we are working on some videos for our next EP, which will come out before the summer… We are also working on some unexpected collaborations with musicians we admire!

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