Catching up with L.A. Witch


L.A. Witch are no strangers to us. We consider the reverb soaked three piece our friends and adore having them in our hometown of Bristol. Last time we caught up with Sade, Irita and Ellie they were ready to play a sweaty and intimate show at The Old England on what was probably the hottest day of the year, and before that we run an extensive interview at their Bristol debut which you can read here. Now, with a new E.P under their belt and hitting the road once more, we caught up with bassist Irita for a chat.

Hey! How’s things?

Hi! Sitting at LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) waiting to board a flight to Brussels

Last time we spoke was when the debut record came out. Now you’ve got a new E.P, Octubre. What else have you been up to?

About to spend a month in Europe opening for Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats. We’ll be playing some new songs which will eventually make it into our 2nd album, coming out later next year on Suicide Squeeze Records.

Octubre has a real unique sound. It’s still L.A. Witch, but somewhat different, calm but with a sense of eeriness and dread. How did this come around?

We were able to work with a producer for the first time, Mr. Pharmacist aka Gregg Foreman (Cat Power, Delta 72). He helped us experiment with textures and sounds, so we were able to create something more cinematic for the EP, which we really felt set the mood for our favorite month/holiday.

Maybe it’s preparing us for the colder months… At least here in the UK.

We were in the UK just this past May, it felt like we were at home in California. It was hot and sunny, we were wearing shorts and tank tops walking down Cheltenham Road in Bristol.

It’s a collection of old songs, right? Why wait till now to release them?

Those older songs have their own charm, and we really felt like they were worth revisiting. We had been planning our Halloween costumes in September and got to talking, and we all felt they would work perfectly for a spooky Halloween EP.

Last time we spoke we spoke about you guys having that mixing and mastering control over the record. This E.P, however, you’ve worked with Gregg Foreman as a producer. How was that experience and what prompted you to work with someone else?

Gregg is great. He’s great to be around and we learned a lot about the process through him. 

Despite these songs being reworked, do they still hold a sense of nostalgia for you?

For me, some of those songs we wrote when we had first started the band years ago, they definitely remind me of nights hanging out with our original drummer and second guitarist at downtown rehearsal, drinking beer and smoking inside and trying not to get caught.

You’re about to head out on an E.U run with Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats. Are you looking forward to that? What are you most looking forward to returning to Europe?

We love Europe, it’s so beautiful and the crowd really loves music, and you can feel that our in the audience. I’ve actually really loved Uncle Acid for a while, have great memories of blasting their vinyl at the house I used to live in Echo Park (before it got sold for $1.3 million dollars, gentrification). We recently caught their set at Desert Daze, which sounded incredible. The visuals by Mad Alchemy were so sick, and a storm stared during their set. The sky opened up and there was lightning across the water in Lake Perris that backlit the mountains. I felt like I was in Metalocalypse.

After this run of dates, what’s next? Can we expect LP two any time soon?

Were actually taking a break until February 2019 to work on the new album. And after that, maybe we’ll get to tour and see y’all in the UK again!

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