Strong Man Is Brewing


We love a good care package. We also love really good coffee. What happen's when we need a good care package 'cause we are out of coffee? Extract kindly has our backs. Meet Strong Man, you strong man.

Extract's Strong Man is another out the park effort from the Bristol roasters. I have a cup sitting next to me right now. It's a beautiful Autumn coffee with a great body and notes of blackberry jam, praline and honey.  The cup takes you across El Salvador and is the birth of the best coffees offered by a local mill owner at Cuzcachapa. At the base of the Santa Ana Volcano there's a farm called Las Nubes where the volcanic coils provide rich and natural fertilizers. There's a heavy fruit sweetness in the cup from the honey process. On top of the gnarly cup of joe, for every 1KG sold the legends at Extract will donate £1 to Movember. 

I've got my favourite Kevin Morby record on and a Strong Man beside me and I couldn't ask for a better start to the day. Visit Extract for some more information!