The Wytches share noisey new material

Well, technically The Wytches are sharing a new song called Wasteybois, but the track has been online for a short while and if you were like me and got up at the early hours of the morning on Record Store Day you may have bagged yourself a copy of the track on a split 7" with Hooten Tennis Club that Heavenly Records put out. Now The Wytches are throwing themselves back into the scene with this heavy, snarly and noisy track that'll no doubt make you want to break stuff. It's a fairly huge return after their psychedilic debut album Annabel Dream Reader was released in 2014 and found themselves getting new fans rapidly and The Wytches have the type of fans you'd recognise (it's the kids with long hair and black jeans throwing themsleves around a mosh pit). Wasteybois is a bit different from the previous material. It has an even more garage and DIY sound to it. It's something different which is promising as it feels as though the band are exploring new depths with their music.

Speaking on the track, drummer Gianni Honey responded to me saying "Ask me later. On floor of van. Hungover." There isn't a better explanation of the track. It's ferioucious, it's fast and it's heavy. What more could you possibly want from The Wytches?