Neck Deep's guitarist leaves band

Everything was going well for Neck Deep. Following last year's succesful debut album, the band have just released their follow up titled Life's Not Out To Get You and have been growing rapidly in the UK and USA. However, the band found themselves in a social media storm yesterday after allegations sprung up against guitarist Lloyd Roberts to do with sexual assault. Details are very unclear at the moment and it's hard to know exactly what is going on. What we know is that a girl has claimed that Neck Deep's guitarist sent inappropriate messages and photographs to her when she was underage.

Of course, Twitter has been divided dramatically with fans having a go at each other over the allegations. A lot of fans have been defending the band but with nasty messages towards the girl making the allegations. The rest have been shaming the band. Some of the tweets are as follows:

Yesterday, Neck Deep tweeted on their account the following tweet:

This morning Neck Deep have made another statement about the issue, saying that the guitarist has now left the band. To read the full statement, click on "Neck Deep":

Yesterday, there were some allegations aimed towards our band. We feel that these situations should always be approached...

Posted by Neck Deep on Sunday, 23 August 2015

Again, we must stress that it is still very unclear. Bad Luck Media are taking no sides at this point.