Morrissey's Pop Up Battersea Shop

It's not a secret that Morrissey is an animal lover. You can't buy a t shirt from him (well, not him personally, but a Morrissey t shirt) that says "Be kind to animals or I'll kill you." Now the ex-The Smith's frontman has announced that he is opening a pop up shop for your Morrissey needs at Battersea's famous Cats & Dogs Home. The store will be open from Friday 18th September till Monday 21st September and will see some limited edition items, such as signed copies of Your Arsenal and Vauxhall and I vinyl which is accompanied by an engraved, numbered and dated Battersea cat/dog tag.

Entry to the shop is the standard £2 donation to Battersea Cats & Dogs home. The opening times are as follows:

Friday 18th September 10.30am until 5pm Saturday 19th September 10.30am until 5pm Sunday 20th September  10.30am until 5pm Monday 21st September 10.30am until 3pm