Majical Cloudz debut new single "Silver Car Crash"

Majical Cloudz are one of the few artists in modern music that have the power to leave a truly lasting emotional impact on their entire audience, whether that be through their recordings or through the brutal intimacy of their jaw dropping and emotionally heavy live shows. The Montreal based duo of Devon Welsh and Matthew Otto have a special way of making music, that doesn’t just pass through one ear and leave straight out the other, but instead works it’s way into the deepest parts of your consciousness and stays there. Their 2013 record ‘Impersonator' for me, is probably the most unique and engaging album released this decade, so it’s rare for me to anticipate the release of an album as much as the impending Majical Cloudz LP ‘Are You Alone?’.

Their new single ‘Silver Car Crash’ however reassures me that they won’t disappoint in providing an album as emotionally heavy and intimate as the outstanding material found on ‘Impersonator’. ‘Silver Car Crash’ is the prefect showcase for Welsh’s heartbreaking lyrics and voice, whilst also highlighting Otto’s beautifully minimal production. The song is surrounded by space and feels vast and empty, but that only makes you feel closer to Welsh’s haunting vocals, which have now become the signature trait of Majical Cloudz.  A lot of modern artists have their lyrics over powered by instrumentation, but on a Majical Cloudz record, the instrumentation only pushes the lyrics even closer to the listener, creating a musical experience unlike any other.

You can listen to ‘Silver Car Crash’ below and can pre order the album ( which is released 16th October) here.

I wholeheartedly recommend you listen to ‘Impersonator’ as well, it’s a magnificent album and a brilliant introduction into the beautiful and brutal world of music created by Majical Cloudz.