Top Tips For Festival Season

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Yes, festival season is well under way! We have already seen Download Festival, Glastonbury and Latitude and have plenty to look forward to, including Reading and Leeds, Secret Garden Party, Y Not Festival and a load of others. People flock to fields armed with their tents and booze to enjoy a weekend of music and arts in either beautiful sunny weather or the pissing rain (the UK's weather is a bit unpredictable...). Festivals give you the opportunity to be a true teenage dirtbag, no matter what age you are. For some people it's an annual thing. Buy your tickets well in advance and hit up the festivals every year. For others, it's a brand new experience and with that being said, we have asked some experienced festival goers what their top tips are! Ethan Weatherby, aged 18, Bad Luck writer

Give in to the shower. Everyone’s in the same boat when it comes to several days of living in your own filth, but there comes a point when you need to concede defeat and properly clean yourself, it’ll help you feel like you want to keep living. Best time for privacy and avoiding queues is late at night, and take swimwear if need be. Is the horror of seeing a few unwelcome arses worth trench foot?

Anonymous, aged 18, student

Bring lots and lots of baby wipes! The queue for the showers are long and baby wipe showers are the best to get rid of stink... Also, smuggle drugs in by putting them in asthma inhalers.

Josh Shreeve, aged 20, journalism student

Apart from the 'don't do drugs' and 'steer clear of warm cider' parental advisories, my top tip for your first festival would be to see stuff you'd have never considered. At the tender age of 16 I was thrown into a Crystal Fighters crowd and came out the other end with a new favourite band as well as a few cuts and bruises. Nowadays it's more about delving into the corners of Glastonbury to watch an Aussie ska band instead of whoever's flopping over on the main stage.

Fred Bambridge, aged 24, owner of It's All Indie

If you're going to a fairly big festival, getting down there early is key if you want a good camping spot. Take Glastonbury for example, if you leave late Tuesday night you'll be there for early morning Wednesday when the gates open. Camping near a lock-up tent or a watch-tower is always good advice too as there's less chance people would want to break into your tent. Buying a trolley too is a good move, as some festival sites are a LONG walk from the car - such as Green Car Park at Reading.

Jordan Curtis Hughes, aged 21, music photographer

If you're going for three days. Pack five pairs of pants and socks. That gives you insurance if get absolutely drenched and having wet pants/socks is shit. Wet wipes; I recently discovered the amazing power of the wet wipe shower at Glastonbury. Get in ya crevices and you'll feel dandy! Dry shampoo, so you don't look like a greasy rat after three days in the tramp. Take disposable cameras. It's more exciting when you get the shit photos back from your local Boots rather than the 600 selfies you took on your iPhone 6. Sing as loud as you can even if nobody else around you knows the words. They'll look at you weird but you're the one having a blast. This happened to me at Kanye at Glastonbury. I can rap well. Don't get too wasted. Drink a smoothie.

Dani Bursill, aged 17, Bad Luck writer

Plastic cups and bags are definitely festival essentials, as odd as it sounds. Both can be used for an infinite number of things, obviously including their sole purposes - to drink from and to carry items in - as well as sufficing as a make-do sink or floor mat. Perfect.

Nathan McLaren-Stewart, aged 18, creative director of Bad Luck

Don't expect to get lots of sleep. In fact, there's not much point in even trying to sleep until you're really, really tired. Some people just stay drunk all night at festivals and shout till the early hours of the morning and kick your tent. I'm just home from Latitude and had some guy yelling "argh, fuck!" about a thousand times between one and four in the morning. It got to the point where I rolled over to my girlfriend and yelled "I swear to God if he says that one more time I will throw my Dr Martens at him". Turns out in the morning it was a guy who proceeded to wear no t shirt the entire weekend, look at girls arses as they walked to and from the arena and make horrible comments to his mates who looked like clones of him. Basically, what I am trying to say is if you hold off sleeping till as late as you can then as soon as you're in your sleeping bag you will pass out and (hopefully) get a half decent night.

So there you go! There's some top festival tips from festival goers themselves. But don't take what we say negatively - festivals are the time to have the time of your life and you will have a great time with your mates. Just maybe take a few of these tips!