Live Review... Sundara Karma

It's been a while since Cambridge's Portland Arms has had a queue stretching from the entrance of the venue all the way through the pub and on to the street. In fact, the last band I remember having a queue like that was when Slaves played a ramshackle of a gig in the same venue. Tonight people queue for Reading four-piece Sundara Karma who are in the middle of their sold out headline tour, returning to Cambridge for the first time since their support slot with Swim Deep a few years back. Sundara Karma have come a long way since then and tonight proves it. They have been building their sound more and more with every EP release and are quickly becoming one of the most talked about young bands in the UK. Starting their set with latest single A Young Understanding the front half of the crowd erupts into a sweaty pit of teens which only continues as they flow perfectly into Freshbloom. "We have our debut album coming out this year," frontman Oscar Pollock announces to which the response is nothing but positive. The band then launch into a couple of new tracks flaunting their potential and creating high hopes for the debut LP. Their set continues with a comfortable mix of old material and new, the latter receiving a warm welcome from the kids down the front, but the band's energy has managed to spread all the way to the back where more conservative gig goers are nodding their heads, beers in hand. The band return to the stage for a two song encore, The Night followed by crowd pleasure and ferocious closer Loveblood marking the end of a mighty Sunday night.

Sundara Karma are already dancing on the edge of mainstream attention and tonight proved they are more than capable to take it on head first. Their debut album is becoming more and more anticipated and until you see the band live, all skinny jeans and long hair, you won't fully capture the power of Sundara Karma, no matter how fantastic the EPs are.

Photo by the author.