live review... PINS

Manchester is renown for it's music scene and ongoing affect on British culture, from Factory Records to The Stone Roses and beyond, and that won't ever be forgotten. The front step of the Salford Lads Club alone holds enough cultural importance to cover half the cities in the UK. Today it still thrives. With venues as great as Albert Hall, The Ritz, Soundcontrol and countless others, it's a real playground for young bands. Tonight though, it's about one band. Manchester five-piece PINS are a distance from home and they're about to start their UK tour in a practically sold out room. Squeezing through audience members to get from their dressing room which is unconveniantly placed at the opposite side of the room from the stage, the girls have glitter around their eyes and carry an attitude that may be somewhat influenced by bands they love, like the Jesus and Mary Chain. It's an explosive intro of distorted guitars and big drums as vocalist Faith Vern turns to face the crowd who she has already some-how managed to wrap around her little finger before saying a word. "Here you come in black leather", Vern sings fiercefully to the crowd.

The setlist is a strong one. Having released their second LP Wild Nights at the start of the summer the band have a selection of songs from that and their prior releases. When the frontwoman introduces Young Girls there's a sound of excitement from the audience, which only grows as they perform.

"Girls to the front", Vern asks. At this point, well, you'd never believe what happened. All the girls went to the front. Wether it's Vern paying her respect to Kathleen Hanna's Riot Grrrl movement or just the fact that she wants to dance with some girls is irrelevant, what's relevant is her presence as she gets into the crowd with them to dance and then pulls a girl up on to the stage. Her presence is, I would say, addictive in a sense. You can't really take your eyes from her.

But it's not just her that makes the show. The rest of the girls, Anna, Lois, Sophie and Kyoko make PINS what they are. There is such good chemistry between them onstage. There's laughs and glances across the stage at each other and it's so easy to see they have fun. That's shown with the last song of their set, a cover of Misfit's Hybrid Moments which without a doubt goes down a storm, and the band leave the stage to fans hungry for more.

Listen to Dazed By You by PINS below.