live review... Gengahr

Gengahr are no doubt on a steady path upwards and they stole my heart the second time I saw them when they support The Wytches and Teleman at Village Underground. I've seen them a few times since then including supporting The Strokes and their incredible Reading Festival set. In fact, they were the first band we interviewed for the launch of Bad Luck and you can read our conversation with frontman Felix Bushe here. Tonight I come back for more and left with knowing that Gengahr are destined for huge things. The room is packed. There is barely enough room to breathe but we knew that already after we caught Slaves play the exact same venue at the start of summer. The band awkwardly push pass the crowd in attempt to get to the stage and once onstage the band open with Dizzy Ghosts making fans nod heads and begin singing along (I am not excluded). The truth is, Gengahr are a flawless band. They effortlessly slide into songs, laughing when realising that drummer Danny Ward's mic was fucked. Genghar's sound is so tight. The band flow through songs from their debut album A Dream Outside and feature a couple from their latest E.P Tired Eyes. During tracks like She's A Witch and Heroine guitarist John Victor throws his guitar around like an extra limb creating beautiful guitar solos that sound far too big to be restricted to small rooms. Coming to the end of their set frontman Felix Bushe pauses for a moment and says, "normally this is when we would do an encore but there isn't really anywhere to go so we're just going to do it now." The band then go through two extra tracks, Lonely As A Shark and Bathed In Light before attempting to walk back through the crowd with their guitars.

The future is blossoming for Gengahr and their first headline tour proves just that. It won't be long till the band begin headlining larger rooms that they're currently supporting in. If there is one band I recommend going to see live this year it's Gengahr.

Check out She's A Witch below.