Live Review... Ezra Furman

Ezra Furman is one of music’s true originals. He will always be too eccentric for main stream tastes, but this mesmeric, gender-fluid, self confessed outsider can provide an anthem for many peoples lives. His enthralled audience at the Glee Club in Birmingham were as eclectic as his music, which ranged from acoustic torch songs to high energy garage/punk. This was a performance of contradictions as Ezra bounced energetically with every emotion, carrying his audience along with him every step of the way, standing in reverent silence during his soul bearing acoustic songs and catapulted into a riot of energy during his high octane numbers. His Lyrics take him to the edge of his own sanity, and at times you can feel the underlying mayhem. Serious, cynical and outrageously funny, Ezra has an energy and unpredictability that keeps his rapt audience in the palm of his hand. Delivering a career spanning set, punctuated with wit, Furman lays bare his vulnerable soul for all to see. An evening with Ezra Furman can feel like you’ve had a session in therapy, but one things for sure, when you leave you feel a hell of a lot better for the experience. Furman takes you on a roller coaster ride, with highs of joy and dips into emotional despair, exploring every facet of the human condition, this maybe disguised as rock and roll, but it has a deeper purpose.

You can’t get more unique than Ezra Furman, he does his own thing, in his own style. He is without doubt an oddball, but he is the most compelling and brilliant live act I’ve ever had the pleasure to see. He won’t be to everybody’s taste, but isn't that his true beauty?