Listen to The Maccabees' "Spit It Out"

On the cusp of its Friday release, The Maccabees have released Spit It Out, the third cut from their fourth studio album Marks To Prove It. Building from a solitary piano line wrapped in ambience, it's safe to bet that the album is set to follow Given to the Wild's penchant for atmospherics, but from then on it's evident that this isn't a paint-by-numbers affair. Orlando Weeks’ smooth wash vocals mask the brewing storm, before the gentle red herring intro gives in to stomping guitar and clanging keys rising and crashing in waves as the frontman cries “What do we do now?” The Maccabees have always made music of a regal nature, but Spit It Out offers a ferocity that they’ve rarely explored - if Marks To Prove It (the singlewas the rousing call to arms, Spit It Out is the calm and the charge in one.

Listen to Spit It Out below.