Listen to old Mac DeMarco demo "Rollin Like A Dummy"

Everyone's (minus Fat White Family) favourite goofball rock n roller is back, sort of, with an old demo from his 2012 release 2. The multi-instrumentalist shared the track to the Mac DeMarco subreddit last night via a WeTransfer link. "Everybody's always asking for a recording of this song, so I'm finally getting around to it," DeMarco wrote, which he signed off as Jar Jar Binks. He claims that the final recorded version of the track exists, but "never made it out of tape land and onto the computer". Mac also revealed that there is new music being worked on and finally shared why nothing has come out soon, "I just had penis enlargement surgery so my balance is all out of whack and I can't play my drums properly right now but soon enough I'll get used to this new piece."

See the original Reddit post and download the track for free here.

Cover photo by Nathan McLaren-Stewart.