Listen to new music from Brian Fallon

Some months back the heartbreaking news came out that The Gaslight Anthem were going on an "indefinate hiatus". We were upset by it, obviously. A band that had been such a prominent aspect of a mixture of scenes were essentially calling it a day for the foreseeable future and they I caught them for the last time on the exact same stage as when I caught them for the first time, Reading Festival's mainstage. But we can't dwell on the past and clench our fists behind our backs at their decision to call time off. It's time to look at the future of The Gaslight Anthem, and it has now started. Frontman Brian Fallon has released a brand new solo track titled A Wonderful Life over on the Wallstreet Journal. The Gaslight's themes of heartache follow on in Fallon's new solo song, with his hoarse voice accompanied by a full band giving the first glimpse of his debut record Painkillers, out on March 11th.

"A Wonderful Life was my expression of how I feel, and how some people I know feel," Fallon tells TWJ. "We want our lives to matter to those around us. We want our time here to have positive impact an dnot simply to pass by. Even if that costs us."

Listen to the track below.