Listen to Keaton Henson's new album

It's the early hours of the morning and just as I'm heading to bed I notice that Keaton Henson has once again released a surpise album. The 27 year-old London singer-songwriter, artist and poet surprise released his collaboration LP Romantic Works with Ren Ford in the early hours of the morning last year and he has done it again, but this time it is under an alternative name. Behaving is the new side project from Keaton Henson and the name of the first record put out under the side project, which is now available to stream (at the bottom of this page). Henson, known for his timid yet beautiful songs, has expanded his horizons and Behaving is Henson's first steps into electronic music. The album and project was born after two years of intensive work on Romantic Works which came out the day of Henson's rare live performance, which I was lucky enough to be at, at London's Queen Elizabeth Hall. Feeling exhausted, both physically and mentaly, Henson retreated to his London home to create an album of nine beautifully written songs. The songs are intricate, calm and delicate much like Henson's previous releases, just now Henson's shakey and raw vocals sit underneath a cover of soft synths and stunning melodies.

Listen to Behaving below.