Listen to Declan McKenna "Paracetamol"

This year Declan McKenna won Glastonbury's Emerging Talent competition, appeared on DIY's stage at Mirrors Festival in London and landed airtime on Radio 1 - he's 16. All of this has come off the back of his debut track 'Brazil', self-released in December of last year. McKenna's fresh voice dances between the breezy guitar flicks as he passionately laments the corruption surrounding last year's World Cup in Rio, and furthered by the whole Sepp Blatt/FIFA fiasco this year. On the basis of 'Brazil' there's been Jamie T comparisons, which aren't just knee-jerk reactions to a new home-grown British talent. Something that the two certainly share is a bedroom ethic in their music; McKenna's backed by a big label now but his production has remained earnest, heard in the sedate new cut 'Paracetamol'. Loaded with ambience from a softly resonating organ, the front-half of 'Paracetamol' feels like a bedroom take on the quaint ditties of Vampire Weekend's 'Modern Vampires of the City'. As it progresses McKenna layers up gentle guitar twinkles with fairy-light synth blips and spacious drum pads and reveals the beginnings of a rough edge to his voice; the arrangement really does evoke Treays in his Panic Prevention days, albeit far tidier.

Expect more low-key indie gems from McKenna in 2016, and listen to 'Paracetamol' below. [youtube]