Listen to Cavetown's latest EP

He may be young, but inexperienced he definitely is not. Robin Skinner, an up-and-coming YouTuber/singer-songwriter who goes by Cavetown, has been releasing EP after EP since 2013, and each time he gets better and better. His latest release, simply titled 'cavetown', debuted on Bandcamp on November 9th, and his substantial social media fan-base immediately began promoting the album and showing their support for Cambridge-based Skinner. An eclectic mix of acoustic and electronic, Cavetown makes the whole concept of writing and producing an album by yourself seem totally effortless. Opening the EP gently with Meteor Shower, a song with a catchy chorus and a ukulele chord progression that makes you want to sit back and smile, Skinner eases you in to his world, and follows up with slow and powerful Everything is Temporary (Sticks and Stones), a haunting melody that waltzes around your mind and lulls you into a state of awe. We're Alive captures you with its mysterious synths and Skinner's vocals that surround you. Hazel and Banana Bread feature slow and soft acoustic guitars that rock you back and forth as Cavetown's gentle and heartfelt voice drifts over the instrumental track, harmonizing beautifully with his backing vocals. Just over halfway through the EP, Intermission is a perfect example of Skinner's originality and flair for music production, as the spooky keyboard motif meshes well with the pitch-bending notes and complex back beat. Ending the EP with one hell of a song, Devil Town can easily be mistaken for a crossover between Green Day and Twenty One Pilots, demonstrating a clear influence from the pop-punk scene. The distorted electric guitar and rockier drum loop adds a new sense of conviction and energy, making you want to jump out of your seat and clap your hands, singing at the top of your lungs like there's no tomorrow.

For EP no.9, Robin is showing absolutely no signs of slowing down, and if this latest album is anything to go by, we can expect big things from this guy, and I fully expect that each album is going to get bigger and better. For the time being, you can listen to his latest self-titled EP, as well as his previous releases, on his Bandcamp page here or check out his YouTube channel here.