introducing... Frances

You know that hour or so you get at around seven or eight in the late evening during the summer when everything is beautifully golden and you sit back with a beer in hand and take in the heat? That's the golden hour, and Frances is your new soundtrack for it. Frances is set to release her E.P "Grow" on 10th July. The E.P is a beautifully calm collection of songs that are somehow intimate yet powerful. The 21-year-old's voice, accompanied by melodic piano, will transcend you into bliss and give you the feeling of falling in love and her new single, the title track from the E.P, is about just that. "Grow is about loving someone and wanting to keep them close," Frances explains. "But deep down you know you need to let them go and experience new things." It's easy to get the impression that the song is one that hits home with the singer and one that isn't manufactured to reach out to listeners but a song that's very personal and an insight into her thoughts and feelings. She continues to talk about the track, "you tell them that you'll wait for them, as long as they need, and will be there at the end to hear every story."

Listen to Grow below and find her on Facebook and Twitter. You can pre-order her forthcoming E.P on iTunes now.