Album review... Hinds - Leave Me Alone

Spanish four-piece Hinds have been floating around a lot in this past year. The best friends have been all over the world in fact, playing SXSW, supporting The Strokes in London and making multiple festival experiences. After their year-long hiatus in late 2013, Hinds have hit the ground running fast and their debut demos Bamboo and Trippy Gum have received high praise from press in the UK and USA and sparked the attention of the likes of Patrick Carney and Bobby Gillespie. The demos are quite special though; a real raw sound capturing hazy summer days perfectly. Their debut LP, Leave Me Alone, is not much different. Though Hinds have moved beyond their demos, the record still has a very DIY feel to it, creating that same rawness as mentioned about their demos. The record is reminiscent of The Strokes’ early material, something that the band may already be aware of being fans of the New York indie legends. The record opens with single Garden, setting the vibe for the happiness fuelled record. The up beat, garage tracks continues with love filled lyrics like “why are you always on my mind?” It’s Castigadas En El Granero that really captures my attention, a loud sing-a-long chorus which goes down a charm to a live audience. Though it’s clear to hear that Hinds have grown into a slicker scuzzy pop band since the demos, they still carry that occasional colliding and ramshackle guitars and nonchalant attitude which makes them who they are. It’s a sound that may seem effortless on the outside but from the inside it’s well crafted and unique. Chili Town is a highlight, marking a brilliant start to the second half of the record. Bamboo and San Diego are hair shaking, beer spilling tracks before slowing the record down for And I Will Send Your Flowers Back and I’ll Be Your Man, the latter carrying heavy influences from the original demos. The record closes with Walking Home, the words “you’re the love of my life” fading out. A phrase that sums up the album well.

It’s without a doubt a strong debut record paying respect to the much beloved lo-fi and garage genres. It does well to keep your toes tapping, though the layered vocals can feel a little too much at times, but it’s without a doubt one of those albums that will grow on you with time. It’s enough for Hinds to be able to step back and be proud of their work, rich with passion, and it’s certain that it will project them forward even faster in the next twelve months.

Leave Me Alone is out on January 8th. Listen to Chili Town below.