In Conversation... Moose Blood

Moose Blood are drawing their debut LP I’ll Keep You in Mind, From Time to Time to a close but are not left with much time to reflect on the huge year they’ve head. The band have gone strength to strength since the album’s release, having gained popularity massively and completed their first headline tour, spent the summer on Vans Warped Tour and taken to the stages of venues such as Camden's Roundhouse. They are preparing to release their second full length, Blush, on August 5th and preparing for what’s only going to be a bigger year for them coming up. An hour or so before I talked to Moose Blood they had finished their set on Slam Dunk Festival’s main stage, sparking a frenzy of fans adoringly singing each word back and crowd surfers making security work for their money. This is only their second festival of the summer but the Canterbury four-piece are already getting used to the bigger stages. “It’s a bit surreal,” guitarist Mark Osborne confesses. “We never thought we’d get the opportunities that we’ve had and it’s a bit weird but it’s lovely at the same time.” Osborne comes across as very genuine and thankful for the support of not just fans coming to their shows and buying records but also to the people behind the scenes who have stood behind them. Moose Blood are without a doubt used to playing club venues where the connection with the crowd is easy to make, but with bigger stages comes a bigger distance between the band and the crowd, making that connection sometimes a little harder. Osborne describes the bigger stages to have a different kind of connection with the crowd, where frontman Eddy Brewerton describes the feeling of a crowd singing back the words is “incredible.”

The love for Moose Blood goes overseas. Last year the band made their first appearance in the United States on the gruelling Warped Tour, every pop-punk/emo kid’s dream place. It was a new experience for them and a new stage in the band’s career, but a real stand out moment on that tour was the band’s one-off headline show at Anaheim’s Chain Reactions. Moose Blood got the same reaction they did when playing London’s Borderline, surreal for a band from the other side of the Atlantic with only one record to their name. It was a proud moment for Brewerton. “To play such an iconic venue and to sell it out was just…” His sentence is cut short from a lack of words to describe the show. “We didn’t expect it at all.”

Touring has its pros and cons. The pros being obvious and the cons less. Things get hard when the band were away touring almost every month of 2015, with time with family and friends being limited. “It’s definitely hard,” Osborne thinks. “But we are so lucky to be doing what we are doing and everyone behind us is so supportive.” It’s a huge step for any band to decide to pursue their musical career full time. Thinking back to the time Moose Blood had to make that choice Osborne remembers strongly how hard it was. “You lose the job security, financial security and it’s like a leap of faith because you don’t know how it’s going to go and it’s like a gamble… It’s the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make.”

Away from the public eye Moose Blood have been focusing on a different aspect of their music. Their second full length is set to be released on 5th August and the band have been working hard on the new songs. The first record is distinctive with big hooks and sing along choruses but there wasn’t much structure within the writing. “We just kind of pieced it together,” Osborne tells me. “We didn’t really think too much about real structures or real choruses, we just wrote and that’s what came out.” Blush has a slightly different approach to to I’ll Keep You in Mind, From Time to Time and Osborne and Brewerton can’t really work out if they’ve found the writing of the new record to be difficult or not. “We love what we do and we want to work hard at it and it can be difficult… You might write something and find yourself saying It’s alright but we can do something better than that and then that’s when it get’s hard because you’re pushing each other or pushing yourself.”

After Blush is released in August the band kick it all off again. More tours, more shows, new fans and more experiences. “We’re really excited,” both Osborne and Brewerton say together. “As soon as the record comes out we hope to be as busy as we can be and it’ll be fantastic.” It comes across as the new record is a real push from Moose Blood as musicians to push themselves and better themselves and they agree. There’s a sense of personal achievement in the finished album. They have put pressure on themselves to ensure that they release something that’s better than the first one. They are proud of the first record but wanted to challenge themselves to make something better in the second. “We’re doing what we do but we want to do it better.”