a quick catch up with... Other Half

Sometimes it's hard to find musical treasures considering how many bands are around and sometimes you have to dig extra deep in certain cities to find the great local bands, but fortunately for Norwich it's not one of those cities. One of the bands that are proving how great the Norwich scene is are Other Half, a three piece made up of Cal, Sophie and Alfie who also make up various other bands. Other Half are loud, fast and energetic when they play and it's easy to fall in love with their raw, garage sound very quickly. The band upload their music to Bandcamp where they have a three song E.P with art work inspired by the legendary Goo by Sonic Youth and some live session songs. We caught up with vocalist and guitarist Cal Hudson for a little chat. Hello Other Half! Where are you whilst answering these questions?

In our living room. Alfie [drummer] just touched his armpit and then his tongue, I have just eaten (pasta, Dolmio) and Sophie [bassist] doesn't live here, but Bod does (he's not in the band but he is a really nice man). When'sa your Dolmio day?
You are based in Norwich. How much support is there in Norwich for smaller and unsigned bands?
It's pretty good, Dan Hawcroft is smashing it with the Owl Sanctuary and always let's us play with real bands. The same goes for our mate Eddie, who is actually a lot nicer than some people assume (he's from Sheringham). The Arts Centre is always great, and BBC Introducing seem pretty on the ball here too. I've probably forgot loads more nice people.
 Two out of three members of Other Half are also in a band called Ducking Punches. Is there any difficulties playing in two bands?
Not really... Alfie plays in loads more than us anyway. It's time consuming but I'd only be selling shoes part time otherwise.
 You have music up on Bandcamp. There is a three song E.P and a live session. When can we expect to hear more material?
 Hopefully sooner rather than later. We've got a whole bunch of songs but we've just been unsure of how we want to record/release them. I really do prefer the newer songs we've been writing so it'd be nice to make a bit more of an event out of them, rather than just slinging them up on Bandcamp again as soon as they are done, not that there is anything wrong with that.
 What's your favourite venue?
We played in a storage container in Germany for our friend David, which felt like we were in one of the horrible films Alfie watches in bed. Cracking. It's fun playing in interesting spaces like that!
What's the best pizza topping?
What's your 'get pumped' track?
Millionaires- Prom Dress
Check out Other Half's self titled E.P on Bandcamp below and download it at a 'pay what you want' price. You can find Other Half on Facebook.

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