BL Premiere: Frank & Beans share Johnny Poet

I’m just about old enough to remember a time before music videos, back when a song was just a song. In those days, a man had to sit blindfolded and consume music with the only sense left available to him. It was horrible. Fortunately, as time has gone on, the powers that be tore away the blindfold, bringing light and colour into the world of music in bold new ways. 40 years since the birth of MTV, artists continue to utilise the music video to help tell their story. Sadly, my Cousin Frank will never get to properly experience music in the visual, having lost his sight on his 16th birthday in a vicious meerkat attack at Llanferris Zoo. All things considered Frank got off lightly, but those poor animals were by no means unprovoked, and a court ruling means Frank is no longer allowed within 100 metres of meerkats or mongeese.

Although poor Cousin Frank can’t make head not tail of a music video, it turns out the wonderful Frank & Beans know exactly what they’re doing. For their latest offering Johnny Poet, a sprawling thunder-punk epic detailing the fallout of a dramatic domestic battleground, the Brighton duo conjure up a splintered narrative following the titular hero in his pursuit of poetic mastery. With as many jagged edges as the song itself, the dirty and hypnotic visual explores the lonely dissatisfaction of a life lived on the outside, posing a riddle with no answer. See for yourself (not you, Cousin Frank).

Frank & Beans play Breakfest in Bristol on 14th September. Tickets are available here.

Interview by Jethro Jeffries