BL Premiere: Rosa Maria share video for Here She Comes

Video by Maddy Wilson / Harpoon

There’s something resurrecting in the air as Sydney based soul seizers Rosa Maria drop Here She Comes- the third single and accompaniment video off of their anticipated sophomore album of the same name. Released via oh-so-cool Third Eye Stimuli (Luke Spook, The Jim Mitchells) on September 20th, Here She Come is a damn fine choogle that will cloak your ears into a cocoon of mighty marvel. 

Swamping lush but comforting like a velvet-y garage green armchair that lurks waiting to be discovered in a shadowy saloon of addictive haze, this track is both breath-snatching and heart-catching as with each and every creepin’ riff of concentrated wooze the five piece pay homage to La Calavera Catrina, a Day Of The Dead icon within Mexican culture. Seeped in the wildest of rock ‘n’ roll tradition, elbows will start jolting and toes tapping as the curtains are drawn to a new world of shimmering spook all to a backdrop of hooking-ly danceable décor. 

In just over four minutes Rosa Maria have managed to loop their way into the bare bone boogie of psych revivalism. Imagine floating down a desert of kaleidoscopic sand whilst being sensory surrounded by a quintet of ghoul-boys (like cowboys but with more ‘wooooooh’) only to wake up and realise it was all a dream, and then you might get our drift. ‘Staring at her soul’, the video features fellow Sydney legend Natalie De Silver (The Dandelion) who, decked in a choker of finely stringed psychedelic pearls, encapsulates the single’s overriding air of cooly lustrous mystique. 

This is not just the good stuff but the best. Ideal for the ever looming turning of the seasons, for those of us lucky enough to be within easy Australia access you can catch this bunch as they take the album to the road later in the year. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, you are welcome.

Pre order Here She Comes on Third Eye Stimuli’s band camp here.

By Al Mills

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