Come on over and test me: L.A. Peach


Word on the street is there’s a new Welshman in town. With a fresh ‘tache, the voice of a sad-jazz angel and, an on-stage humour that brings people to their knees in levels of audience participation terror, it has been near impossible to classify this dude as anything other than one-of-a-kind. 

Pretty boring on our parts, we are prepared to admit. 

Therefore, we’ve reached the conclusion that the best way to introduce this Bad Luck vs L.A PEACH collaboration to the world would be via direct quote. So, in the words of the man himself: ““Come on Over and Test Me is just 4 stone cold hits back2back.”

Hey John (if we may call you that) congrats on your EP coming out. What sorta rock ‘n’ roll did you get up to in celebration?

Hello there, and good morning. I worked a 12 hour shift, and then went home and watched David Beckham long pass compilations on YouTube until 2am.

Yours is the 10th release via Sad Club Records which is pretty darn cool. How did that all come about?

I’m almost certain that Tallulah messaged me on instagram in January, and I was pretty excited so I said yes. But another label asked to release one of my songs so I had to fulfil that promise, but then they pulled out last minute and I had to do it myself, but Sad Club saved my life and put the whole record onto a tape and now I’m here with you giving you all the truths as I know them. 

Did you have a definite order in mind to the track listing or did it all come naturally after recording?

All the songs were recorded at different times and locations and places and the EP is just a flow of earliest to latest recordings, not to be confused with when the songs were written, only I Can Remember Where You Are was written this year. 

What’s it like having a full band now?

Very very arousing. Sometimes I make Moorgun talk into the mic at shows and he hates it. I love having a band. They are all very good but also all very strange. 

I Can Remember Where You Are is quite possibly my new favourite song but I’ve got to ask; what time would be ‘nice and early’ to wake someone up?  

It depends really, are they a captive? Because if so, 3/4am in summer is best, just before the sun rise so it’s super disorientating. But if it’s just a friend, or a lover, or a partner, 7am is nice, catch the day in full, maybe go for a run, have some breakfast, all the right stuff. 

You’ve noted some influences including Kurt Vile and Nick Cave but are there any that we perhaps wouldn’t expect? I personally am a big Kylie lover but like to think I could be edgier than that…

Kylie is great though, I Believe In You is my karaoke song. Steely Dan is probably as edgy as I get. And this

Is there a specific thing in one of your songs you wish to shout out to the masses about in order to make the world a better place?

Snakes are a great metaphor for the male genitalia. And if you’ve got the sense and the time, have a little think about who you’re associating with and what affect that’s having on others. 

If we were to come on over and test you what would be your topic of choice?

Either the renting prices for 1-2 bedroom flats in North East London, or the application of footballing tactics by Maurico Pochettino whilst in charge of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club. 

Where’s a good place to buy pinstripe shirts?

Sense Charity Shop at 307 Mare Street E8 1EJ. 

Where can we catch your wonderful self next?

The Social on September 19th. So Young are hosting a Sad Club Records showcase.

You can get tickets to L.A Peach at The Social here. Keep up to date with L.A Peach on Facebook here.

Interviewed by Al Mills.