BL Premiere: Olive Haigh shares Jasmine

Photo by Rami Radi

Photo by Rami Radi

Olive Haigh's soft goth wash is effortlessly charming. Floating between heartbreak-era Björk and Kate Bush lost in the woods, her sound is warm and vaguely threatening; dramatic images stand shoulder-to-shoulder with flurries of whimsy, dripping with sinister connotations. Though the darkness never envelops her tracks, the flirtation is persistent and commanding.

Electric Maze brings a colourful EP to life, brimming with ghosts, lullabies and cherished friends. Lead track Jasmine, a tale of an eight-headed girl, features an excellent display of Olive's vocal range. Here, her voice has a character which is just as clear in the gentler moments as it is in full thunder when her voice matches the swoops and trills of her autoharp.

The track is strikingly sad, cycling through sections as it grows more present and passionate. "I can't give away too much about the subject matter of Jasmine, but it's telling the story of a friend," says Olive. "I wrote it in an attempt to show empathy for someone who was suffering."

Olive's previous live outings have seen her play alongside Michael Chapman and shoegaze hero Neil Halstead (Slowdive). Olive is gearing up for her release show on May 24th in Cafe Kino, Bristol with Frances Pylons, Gins and Ketibu. Listen to Jasmine below.

by Tom Coles